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In the Press

Read what has been said about Black Hound New York in the press.

"when I'm in charge of dessert I skip the baking and head right down
to Black Hound." NYC Tastes, December 5th, 2012 click for more

"Black Hound’s Pear-Apple-Cranberry Pie is pretty perfect. A safe bet
for tough crowds"
- Metro News, November 15, 2012 click for more

"If you’re invited to a Thanksgiving dinner party, you might want to
bring your host a glorious looking cake to brighten up their holiday
table. The Black Hound bakery at 170 2nd Ave has some of the
most beautiful cakes in town. " - Examiner.com, November 11, 2009
click for more

 "Ideally, these three-inch [mini cake] yummies will serve up to three
apiece, but once you’ve tasted them, you may not want to share."
- Gourmet Food Garden, December 13, 2011 click for more

"Black Hound New York has been dedicated to the art and craft of baking and chocolate making since 1988. Throughout the years, they have remained true to their artisanal roots: baking and making chocolate daily in small batches from their original recipes, working exclusively with fresh, pure, natural ingredients, and making, finishing and packing each creation by hand." - Chocolate Weekend NYC, 2011 click for more

"This is the ultimate cake place" - NYC Style Little Cannoli, October 22, 2011 click for more

"Simple at its core, but certainly a bit more farcified than your everyday cake." - Serious Eats, September 2, 2009 click for more

"My jaw dropped at the sight of this wondrous [Chocolate Praline] cake they recently added to their already amazing gourmet food selection." - Blissful Glutton, December 13, 2008 click for more

"As much as I hate to admit it, Black Hound New York truffles taste better than my homemade truffles AND they are packaged " - The Cheap Gourmet, January 18, 2008 click for more

"When in a dilemma on what to bring to a party or dinner, I also find they are a sure fire hit ... Your friends and family will thank you for the delicious ending to a meal." - The Basics by Paul Byron Downs, September 11, 2010 click for more

"Black Hound excels at citrus flavors." - Free Food Boston, July 18, 2010 click for more

"They’re well designed and colorful and don’t taste like a chemical factory, They’re made of all natural buttercream (not too sweet!) and Belgium chocolate. Many of the cakes bases are light and airy but still have that rich buttery flavor. " - Multicultural Cooking Network, November17, 2009 click for more

"A bakery in the East Village that makes and sells beautifully crafted pastries that are as delicious as they look." - The City Cook, October 2, 2007 click for more

他的蛋糕可以說是在傳統美式甜點跟精緻的歐式甜點之間,又開創了一種新的風格吧,別的地方好像還真的吃不到呢!- 85eyE, November 20, 2010 click for more

“Black Hound New York, purveyor of some of the city’s most delectable cookies and cakes” - Time Out New York

"Black Hound is justly famous for its truffles, cakes, tarts, and cookies." - Food & Wine

"Black Hound raises simple perfection to an art, from preparation to presentation." - Town & Country

"A chocolate lover's fantasy." - Zagat

"An outstanding selection of truffles, cakes, cookies, and nut products." - Chocolatier

"Velvety chocolate truffles and exquisite cookies, cakes, and pastries." - New York Daily News